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LED in PROFILE has proudly influenced Led Strip Lighting design around the UK

LED in Profile is the UK’s leading supplier of Aluminium Profile / Extrusion for LED Strip Lights. We manufacture and supply a range of LED channels for both domestic & commercial applications, to finish your project with a high end, professional appearance.

With over 50 different styles, available in 3 different sizes (1m / 2m / 2.5m) and now 13 powder coated RAL colours (many more RAL colours on request), LED in profile are able to design & supply LED profile & related accessories for a number of applications from kitchen & bathroom and other domestics applications to commercial projects such as office, retail and the services sector.


Decorative LED strip lighting can finish add to the aesthetics of any project, but there are many more reasons to use LED profile:

• Finish off your LED Strip installation in style, with a minimalistic, contemporary design.
• Protects LED strip lights from damage, such as contact with people/children or the elements, especially useful in wet/outdoor environments.
• Added heatsink to prolong the life of your LED Strip lighting, the majority of LED chips are only able to reach their peak lifetime of some +50,000 hours when operated at a optimum ambient temperature. LED extrusion made of 6063 anodised aluminium acts as a key heatsink to maintaining such temperature and thus optimising lifetime.


• Improve fixing/adhesion of LED Strip; often adhesive backing requires a smooth, flat surface for long-term adhesion. Some surfaces such as plastered walls, wood and textured surfaces are not suitable for adhesive backings. With LED profile, the flat surface of the aluminium ensures a long-term solid, permanent adhesion.
• Wide range of variants: from surface mount, recessed, suspended, cove/perimeter wall lighting, stair nosing and signage edge lighting – allowing you to better utilise your LED Strip in situ. What’s more, a number of accessories to complement your installation from angle adjustable mounting clips, suspension kits and wall mount fixings.
• Diffuses light, reducing flare if direct or ensuring a uniform, subtle lumen output on surfaces with frosted/lensed diffusers & optics.
• All LED extrusions are supplied complete with end caps: 2 types include a closed/sealed end cap and a pre-drilled end cap for simple wiring through to your LED Strip.